We know talk is cheap; and that’s why we’ve dedicated LPGmuscle to delivering on the promise by giving athletes brand new ways to get to the next level of Lift more, Pull more, Grow more!
You see our dedication here at LPGmuscle began one snowy December morning back in 1975 when this once pimple faced dweeb hefted his first weight set from the trunk of his mothers Monte Carlo.  And while he couldn’t have known it at the time, that banging Christmas day cookie pump was to grow into a life long obsession!  An iron addiction and 35 year physical transformation which filled a room with trophies, a head with confidence, a gym full of customers, and a business with Patents!
Proof positive evidence of the same shared passion and motivation to achieve EXCESS that brought you to this site.  So don’t worry, LPGmuscle won’t disappoint you.  We get it and will continually strive to bring you the absolutely best transformation tools and supplements we can provide.  And if that means inventing new ways to stimulate those adaptive responses, by God we’ll do it!  The same old crap don’t cut it here, no we’re going to inspire you to greatness by providing cutting edge fitness gear that does what it claims and won’t quit when the going gets terminal!
That way you can rock on in confidence to become your God given LPGmuscle personal best!
On that you have our sincere guarantee…