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We are proud to introduce yet another boredom busting Cable Machine Attachments offering. The 'TRD' Dynamic Action Yoke can be outfitted with multiple attachments to train Back, Arms, Shoulders & more. Designed for use with TACTI-TRICEPS, TRIBELLS, & SINGLE TRICEPS ROPES, the 'TRD' can shock triceps with multiple angles of attack.  Curls are possible when 'TRD' is attached to our USA made Cable Machine handles. Or select PULL FORCE Fat & Standard big weight power grips. To use for close grip cable rows and upright delts. Add a Pull Up Hook to the Nylon Cable or PULL FORCE handles for Close Grip Chin Ups or T-Barbell Rows. Regardless of which selections chosen, all will serve to seriously wake those workouts! As well provide years of service. All mentioned products are USA built, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. US Patents apply #8,491,448 B2, #8,764,614 B2, #9,526,943 B2