No Joke Bull Rope

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What do u get when LPGmuscle combines a massive 2" Rope, with a Patented Cable Machine/Pull Ups Hook? One hell of a workout! The No Joke Bull Rope will definitely get your attention. Use for Latts, Forearms, Triceps, Shoulders & whatever else comes to mind. Attack workouts with fearless enthusiasm as we searched hi & low to find the softest, most grip worthy 2" rope on the planet. Then we coated the grip zone with a specially designed Goo. In order to make tugging big loads with the NJBR a certainty. *All supported by our 4.5" wide, patented 'Never Drop' hook (*3" Hooks for 32" ropes). End result? It's black & white to us.... isn't it time to Find out for yourself? You will be damn glad you did! The No Joke Bull Rope's was designed and made in USA, complete with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Now available in 1.5" diameter models as well! NOTE: Actual rope lengths may vary up to 2" due to rope twist variables in cutting process.