HOG LEGS 'Back Pac' Cable Machine Attachments

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               Legit LAT BAR CABLE ATTACHMENTS

  • Train it all Body Weight, Cable Machine, Free Weight exercises .

  • Do Cable Rows, Pull Ups, Wide & Narrow Pull Downs, T Barbell Rows & more.

  • 1 3/4" Round Welded & Powder Coated Steel Tubing.

  • Industry Leading 'Live Action’ Cable Attachment Rings maximize movement.

  • Custom FAT GRIP Training Angles Essential for Superior Back Development.

  • Includes: Multi-Row, Multi-Row Wide, 48" Angled Lat bar, 48" Straight Lat bar, Olympic T-Bar Row Ring, and a Pull Up handles Hook!

  • Made in USA. Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.