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Talk's cheap in Web World. But rest assured, LPGmuscle was established by delivering on the promise. To provide seriously Legit Exercise Innovations. For Resistance Fighters everywhere who demand 'No Less than Excess' from themselves, and equipment. To that end you can rest assured workout tools found here were forged in the flame of competition. Created from the same spirit to excel that brought you in search of better ways to train. Creations built by Lifters, for Lifters. Shop in confidence, LPGmuscle has got your back...



EZ Squat Dumbbell


Shrug Pro

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Why is LPG Muscle 5 Star rated?

Talks cheap in the web world. So it's best to take hold of LPGmuscle's Custom Gym Equipment. To understand you get what you pay for. Performance to achieve next level conditioning. Combined with the durability to endure countless battles waged in the war for more! Whether you're an Athlete, Bodybuilder, Weightlifter or Professional Gym Rat. You'll gain the edge over the competition and make a bold statement. With custom gym equipment. Capable of extracting your absolute best from every muscle shredding rep! If that means something to you. Then step into the world of LPGmuscle. Where No Less than Excess will ever do. Shop Now!

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