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Our new TRD Triceps Rope 'Dynamic' PRO grade. A revolutionary design that utterly outperforms common tricep double ropes. First the Yoke design provides wider hand spacing for better triceps isolation.  Secondly the yoke acts to induce a lateral dynamic instability completely not found on traditional double triceps ropes. End result? A greater need to control movement. Which delivers superior muscle activation! As for the triceps ropes available in both a 12" standard (equivalent to a 34" double rope), and extra long 17" sizes. Those are fashioned from 'Soft Touch' weaved cased rope for a no slip grip. Topped off with 'Never Fail' 3" ball stops which can also be split finger gripped for Upright Rows, Chin Ups (with optional HOG LEGS Pull Up Hook), and Rope Face Pulls. Lastly, the TRD can be selected with Snap Hooks for instant rope removal to go one arm on triceps. Or with Quick Links to be wrench tightened so the TRD unit is not dismantled and parts lost in a commercial gym setting. Available in Bad Black or Red Dread, the TRD will keep triceps fed! Order yours NOW and have it in time for that next Triceps Shredding workout! TRD PRO grade is American made with a Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty against failure to perform due to deficiencies in materials and craftsmanship!