'BULL TAIL' MASSIVE Cable Machine Rope

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  • MASSIVE 2" palm stuffing rope forces Triceps & Grip
      Muscles into Overdrive!
    • USA made Premium 3 Strand Rope is Super Soft and Responsive!
    • Rubberized Grip coating terminates Full Stack grip slip!
    • Never fail Rope Hook provides fast connections and rope adjustments!
    • Patented Hook can be used for Dip Belt with chain Dumbbell Loading!
    • Add an optional second hook for Rope Pull Ups capacity!
    • USA made Commercial Grade BULL ROPE backed by Lifetime Replacement Warranty!

    What do u get when LPGmuscle combines a massive 2" Rope with a Patented Cable Machine Hook? One hell of a workout! This 'BULL TAIL' never fail Triceps Pushdowns Rope will definitely force muscles into Maximum Overdrive! Designed for targeting Latts, Forearms, Triceps, Shoulders, etc. BULL ROPE easily handles 'full on' weight stack attacks with ease. Made of the softest, most limber 2" rope on the planet. BULL TAIL was made to inspire serious tugs! Without fear of grip slip as the hold zone is dipped with a specialized Rubberized Coating. 'BULL TAIL' never fail Triceps Rope is supported for connection to cable pulleys with a patented 'Never Drop' hook. Which can be combined with a second hook for chin up bar connection, and Rope Pull Up capability! If your bored with skinny, weak 1" triceps ropes, it's time to grab the BULL by the tail and feel the Power! 'BULL TAIL' never fail Triceps Rope is fully backed with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. NOTE: *Actual rope lengths may vary up to 2" due to rope twist variables in cutting process.