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Introducing our latest creation! The Triceps targeting CONVERTIBLE PLUS 'Super Set' yoke. For use with available attachments options from TRIBELLS, TACTI-TRICEPS, & TRICEPS ROPES. The CONVERTIBLE PLUS unique yoke design provides dual 1-3/4" solid mounted Gripping Tubes. Which gives lifters the ability to follow more dynamic rope/cable grips (triceps extensions) sets. With combined force application (Triceps Press Downs) directed against added weight plates. Without the need to exchange handles and attach a cable bar during the Super Set. End result? Increased exercise intensity and Triceps density. Not to mention the CONVERTIBLE PLUS SS will seriously wake up lame ass workouts! As handles can be instantly removed for single arm targeting. CONVERTIBLE PLUS SS is made of 3/16" Welded & baked Powder Coated Steel. It comes complete with options of your choosing, and a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. SELECT YOKE plus the attachment options of choice. NOTE: YOKE does not come with selected options, unless placed in cart with said options!