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  • Ergonomic Pistol Grips.

  • 'Freestyle Motion' Cables.

  • Load Rated to 400 pounds.

  • Use for all Triceps Rope Exercises.

  • Natural Rubber Grip & Protective Cable Sleeves.

  • Hygienic Design wipes clean in seconds.

  • USA Made Commercial Grade.

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

  • US Patent #9,526,943 B2 TM

    TACTI-TRICEPS feature Dual Pistol Grips with big weight hand heal rests. Designed for grip superiority in the face of overwhelming resistance. Performance further amped through use of ultra-thin cables, engineered to inflict game changing muscle targeting and isolation. TACTI-TRICEPS Double Cable Grips are perfect for Sport Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and Resistance Training. NOTE: Opt up for TACTI-TRICEPS/TRIBELLS killer combo. to target long Triceps muscle heads with TACTI-TRICEPS & short heads with TRIBELLS! 

 PRODUCT USAGE: hook to Cable Machine, set weight, grip handles, and extend from the bend. Experience spot on muscle targeting far superior to common triceps ropes. For best effect, resist the negative lowering of weight over a three second period. Then forcefully explode on extension to arm straight. Repeat to set completion. Small enough to fit in a gym bag, TACTI-TRICEPS make next levels of intense easy. TACTI-TRICEPS come locked, loaded and ready for deployment to gyms everywhere! Made in USA. Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent #9,526,943 B2 TM