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  • Dual Ergo Rubberized Pistol Grips with Heel Stops.
  • 600# strong ‘Freestyle’ Cable Suspension with protective covers.

  • 14.5" wide main Beam delivers Laser Precise Triceps Targeting.

  • For use on all Triceps Rope Style Exercises.

  • Hygienic design wipes clean in seconds.

  • USA Made Commercial Grade.

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

  • US Patent # 9,526,943 B2 TM

Triceps Press down gone Tactical! The TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide targets triceps with the accuracy of a sniper! Single out and destroy Triceps on Standing, Kneeling or Overhead Extensions. Then blow upper arms away with spot on Cable Press Downs. Experience the devastating firepower of TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide. As delivered by way of a twelve inch grip width. For best training effect, zero in on muscles with a 2 second 'hold' at full contraction. In arms straight position. Follow the assault with a 3 second lowering of weight. Return to arms bent exercise start position and repeat to complete set. Out gun traditional triceps ropes with genuine TACTI-TRICEPS. US Patent#9,526,943B2