TRICEPS ROPES EXtreme Performance!

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Introducing our long-awaited Triceps Rope EXtreme Performance. If you demand the very best in Triceps Exercise Ropes, look no further. Because we pulled all stops to deliver the Softest, most Flexible, most Grip Able, and absolutely Boldest ropes ever! Designed and fabricated by LPGmuscle, these Steel Ball Beauties are virtually break proof as well. Not to mention hygienic, as the Rubberized Grips can be wiped clean. As well the Baked Powder Coated Balls. End result? Cleaner Workouts and a too cool Triceps Rope. That like you stays two steps ahead of the competition. Available in 2 rope styles, 4 colors, and 36"/30" lengths, there's sure to be a flavor that makes you shine! TRICEPS ROPES EXtreme Performance are Commercial Grade, USA Made, and backed by a Full Replacement Warranty against failure to perform. Get em before they're not! Limited 'first run' quantities available.