‘Dual Mode’ Weight Loader for EZ DIP / GRIP FREAK / BELT SQUAT

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FREE SHIPPING!! World’s first and only 2 way Belt Squat, Dipping Belt, and Pull-up Belt Loading Device. EZ DIP / GRIP FREAK Plate / Hook easily accepts up to 8 Olympic Weight Plates or 200# Dumbbells! With a recently patented device that combines a Dumbbell Hook with a Plate Loading system that’s ridiculously easy to use. Allowing lifters to instantly choose between Olympic weight plates or super fast and easy dumbbell dip belt loading. Get the best of both worlds and max out on belt/body weight loaded exercises with Plate / Hook by EZ DIP & GRIP FREAK. Then go home and grow! EZ DIP / GRIP FREAK Plate / Hook is USA made commercial grade complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Standard unit includes Plate Holder Base, Combo Hook/Plate & Heavy Duty Snap Hook. Commercial Made in Pennsylvania USA! Get yours today! US Patent’s # 9,597,544 / 7,008,355 B2