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CABLE MACHINE RING HANDLES are the answer to boring cable exercise workouts. The 10″ Gym Ring Grips can be used for Bicep, Forearm and Reverse Curls, Multi angle Cable Machine Rows, Triceps Extensions and Reverse Grip Extensions, Multi Angle Cable Pecs, Cable Machine Shoulder Press’s and Upright Rows, Internal External Rotator Cuff exercises and much, much more! Leave those cold hard steel stirrups lie and go Tarzan on that next Cable Workout with genuine Wooden Grips. 10″ diameter by 1.25″ thick CABLE MACHINE RING HANDLES feature Super Duty D-Rings, Nylon Webbing, and Stitching to produce a 400# per unit Load Rating. Available in Single or Sets. Made in USA, Commercial Grade, with a Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty.