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FREE SHIPPING!!! Cable Tricep Extension with TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE. To discover just how lame tricep ropes really are. For unlike the black ropes, TRIBELLS features a 12″ Wide Steel Beam to keep hands separated during exercise. To maximize Triceps Isolation and Stimulation. A training result further amplified by the destabilizing effect of TRIBELLS Ultra Thin Cable Suspension.  Which force’s Triceps, Forearms, Wrists, and Hands to maintain control of Domes during exercise. Making TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE Triceps Cables the go to choice for Sport Conditioning and Strengthening. Use for Single or Double Triceps Extensions to forge a set of arms that perform as good as they look. With our New & Improved Commercial Grade TRIBELLS 4″ DOUBLE WIDE.  USA made with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee  US Patent#8,491,448 B2  TM

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