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 Worlds first ever PULL FORCE Chin Up Bar Handles & Lat Bar combination. Now you can choose between body weight or Cable Machine Workouts in seconds. With this one of a kind  ‘FREESTYLE’ LAT PULL UP/DOWN BAR. A new level of performance features beginning with the Stronger Hold Power of a Radical ‘Split Finger’ Grip. Plus unrestrained ‘Freestyle Motion’ exercise movement. Add to that recently created body weight/Cable Machine dual functionality and experience true Freestyle Force Output. For Pull Ups first remove handles and reattach to pull up bar. Then attack Chin Ups without the normal steel bar movement limitations. For Seated Cable Pull Downs simply reattach handles to the FREESTYLE UP/DOWN BAR. Then Hook it up to any Lat Machine and Pull hard against Bigger Weight! With less skeletal joint stress than standard Lat bars inflict. Get optimal strengthening and conditioning results with this two in one Lat Bar & Pull Ups Bar. A full Forty two inch’s of pure Freestyle training motivation. FREESTYLE UP/DOWN BAR is USA Made, Commercial Grade, with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. US Patents# 8,764,614,B2/7,008,355 B2  TM

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