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Haulin HooksSpecial Savings on select colors all with FREE SHIPPING!!! Deadlift Straps worthy of the cause… Respect, Big Lifts Bring It, grip slip gets in the way. Terminate failure and own that lift in the plush comfort of HAULIN HOOKS STRAPS 1000. Designed from the wrist down for Extreme Powerlifting. It begins with a ‘Non-Constricting’ Wrist Cuff. Combined with thick 6MM Neoprene Padding to keep pain out of gain. It follows with a two inch wide, twelve inch long Strap N Wrap complete with a Custom Color Wear Strip. Pull Tested to an astounding 1000 Pounds, HAULIN HOOKS STRAPS 1000 feature a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. TM 

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Icon_WeightLiftingStrap_Only1000 LB TestedProfessional Lifters