Dual Cable Machine Bar PRO ‘LIVE’ series

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Hog Legs Live Action

If you demand ‘Nothing Less than Excess’ for your Functional Trainer Accessories, look no further! Introducing our Premium Grade PRO ‘LIVE’ Series DUAL CABLE MACHINE BAR. A full forty two inches of Fat & Round (1-3/4″) grip surface for use on Multi Gym machines, Functional Trainers and Cable Crossovers. Train it all with this latest addition to the HOG LEGS Dual Cable Bar family line up! Featuring twin PRO ‘LIVE’ Attachment Rings, this bar seriously delivers with unrestricted 360 degree rotation! Use for Bar Squats, Rows, Chest and Shoulder Presses, Bicep Curls, Triceps Extension exercises and much much more! HOG LEGS Dual Cable Bar PRO ‘LIVE’ 42 is USA Made, Commercial Grade, with a Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty. HOG LEGS strong 1000# Load rated!

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