EZ SQUAT COMBO PACK Both Weight Plate and Dumbbell Models

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EZ Squat

Patented EZ SQUAT ‘Weight Plate’ & ‘Dumbbell’ loaders are the faster, safer, more effective way to Squat and Dead lift. Designed for rapid weight changes, EZ SQUATS Plate’s handles release when lowered to add or remove weight plates. Then lock into position when raised for exercise. While EZ SQUAT Dumbbell attaches in seconds with a Patented Quick Connect Hook. Superior to common Barbell Squats & Deadlifts , EZ SQUAT keeps loads safely centered close to bodies core. Off of spines, shins and thighs! Making commercial grade E-Z SQUAT’ the superior way to build a stronger physique. Maximize targeting of Buttocks and Thighs with a direct line of push through heels and upward. And terminate dangerous ‘forward load dynamics’ common to Barbell Dead Lifts & Squats. To maximize exercise range of motion, EZ SQUAT may be teamed with elevated foot platforms. To create even greater depth of movement. Forever end leg training day dread and roll with EZ SQUAT. Because more strength and size with less trauma wins every time! EZ SQUAT Plate hold’s up to 6 Olympic Weight Plates. And EZ SQUAT Dumbbell easily handles sizes to 200 Pounds! Both units come with a full Lifetime Replacement Warranty. FIT NOTE: The following ‘Premium Olympic Plates’…..IVANKO/YORK/ELEIKO will not fit EZ SQUAT if Bar Hole measures less than 2-1/8″ across *see photo. We recommend using Dick’s Sporting Goods FITNESS GEAR. Or equivalent China sourced Weight Plates with the 2-1/8″ – 2-3/16″ holes. US Patent #9,498,676 / 6,939,274 B2

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