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Forearm Exercises with a GRIP FREAK ‘FAT GRIP’ builds opponent crushing torque like nothing on the planet! If you’re in it to win it, get those hands on this devastatingly effective FREAK. Experience laser focused targeting of forearms, wrists, and hands. Compliments of a Patented Cable Suspension System. Designed to keep the load off of shoulders. For 100% focus on exercising Grip Muscles of the Forearms, Wrists, and Hands. This Revolutionary Hanging Wrist Roller also encourages athletes to attack Grip Training with the same Intensity and total body force production as their sport. All accomplished with Natural Twisting Motions anyone can master in seconds. GRIP FREAK FAT GRIP is the recommended choice for building Explosive Grip Torque, Forearm Size, and Power! For best results- load unit with 50% of bodyweight and perform 1-3 reps without pause. GRIP FREAK FAT GRIP is the best choice for Bodybuilding, Arm Wrestling, Strongman, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Racquet Sports, Golf and more. Patented GRIP FREAK FAT GRIP can be hung almost anywhere. It loads with Weight Plates, Dumbbells, and even **Cable Machine Weight Stacks. Made in USA Commercial Grade. Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty.   

US Patent# 7,753,827 B2 / 7,008, 355 B2   TM     

(**with optional HANGING STRAP SYSTEM )  *DUMBBELL HOOK, *WEIGHT PLATE HOLDER, or *BOTH and *STRAP SUSPENSION SYSTEM (*see options in drop down menu).