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Forearm Workout with GRIP FREAK ‘SLIP GRIP’ for Tap Out Grip Strength and Endurance. It’s a fact athletes can’t deliver if Forearm, Wrist, and Hands fail. To transfer force into game or foe. Be it finesse, endurance, or combat sports. Its well proven a stronger more durable grip is often the difference between a tap out or win.  If you’re into winning, check out the GRIP FREAK ‘SLIP GRIP’. A devastatingly effective Grip Trainer. That delivers Laser Focused Targeting of Forearms, Wrists, and Hands. Compliments of a Revolutionary Suspension System. Which totally removes shoulders from the grip training equation. While at the same time encouraging Dynamic Force Generation common to sports. Best of all the FREAK accomplishes this with Simple Twisting Motions. That can be Mastered in Seconds. The New Standard in Endurance Grip Training. GRIP FREAK ‘SLIP GRIP’ requires a constant squeeze. To be applied to handles at all points during the exercise. Failure to grip strongly enough on the Rubber ‘Slip Grips’ during the workout, will allow the weight to drop! A Patented Feature that makes the GRIP FREAK ‘SLIP GRIP” the best choice for Golf, Hockey, Racquet Sports, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Motocross, General Strengthening, Grip Rehabilitation and more. Patented GRIP FREAK is easily portable and can be hung almost anywhere. For further versatility GRIP FREAK may be loaded with Weight Plates, Dumbbells, and even **Cable Machine Weight Stacks. GRIP FREAKS are USA made, Commercial Grade completely backed with Full Lifetime Replacement Warranties.  #1 SLIP GRIP ROLLER UNIT comes complete with your choice *DUMBBELL HOOK, *WEIGHT PLATE HOLDER with Snap Hook, or BOTH with the STRAP SUSPENSION SYSTEM (see Drop Down Menu Options).  PRO GRADE CABLE SWIVEL OPTION also available in drop down menu selections! US Patent# 7,753,827 B2 / 7,008, 355 B2   TM



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