Gym Ball Exercises PHYSIO TWIST ‘Core Torque’ Handles

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Gym Ball Exercises plus cable machine weight stacks equals Extreme Core Torque. What do full body slams, 300 yard drives and out of the park home runs have in common?  Explosive Core Torque that’s what! Build it faster than ever with Physio Twist. The perfect choice for Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, MMA, Wrestling. Or any sport that can benefit from copious Core Torque capacity. It’s simple, Physio Twist combines Physio ball, weight stack and leverage to load and target core abdominal muscles. With simple and powerful twisting motions for devastating effectiveness. Physio Twist Core Torque Handles snap on all common sized Swiss Balls in seconds. Providing secure attachment of adjustable dual handles to ball and weight stack. USA made Physio Twist is constructed of premium nylon components complete with lifetime Replacement Warranty.  (*Physio Ball NOT included)