HOG LEGS ‘Fist Full’ Pull-Up & Triceps Extension Handles

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Hog Legs Live Action

 HOG LEGS ‘Fist Full’ Pull-Up handles with Balls take Back, Grip, Triceps, and forearm training to the next level! Take hold of shaft or balls to experience an awesome two dimensional pull up workout. Begin by hooking em to any chin up bar up to 1-3/4″ round. With patented ‘Never Drop’ hooks that guarantee fearless lat attacks! For added versatility Fist Full’s hooks can be attached to Cable Resistance Machines for Forearm Hammer Curls and Tricep Extension Exercises. HOG LEGS ‘Fist Full’ Pull Up handles measure 12″ in length from hooks to ball ends. Shaft is 1-3/4″ Round with 3″ diameter Ball ends. HOG LEGS ‘Fist Full’ Pull Up Handles are Pennsylvania USA made complete with Life Time Replacement Warranties. US Patent #7,008,355 B2     Sold in Pairs


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