JAWBONE Single Cable Row/T-Bar Row/ Pull Up Handle

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Hog Legs Live Action

Check out HOG LEGS ‘JAWBONE’ Single Handle Cable Machine Attachment. A FAT gripped ‘Live Action’ Lat Shredder unlike any gym cable handle…. ever! For use alone or in pairs on all *cable machine row type exercises, the JAWBONES custom angle and ‘Live Action’ attachment swivel makes for Hog Wild back workouts. Designed and built in USA by LPG Muscle, the JAWBONE is made of Commercial Grade Welded Steel with a baked powder coat finish. Get yours like right now for that next back day workout. ( *Jawbones can also be used with OPTIONAL LPGmuscle HOG LEGS *T-bar Row Ring Olympic or *Pull Up Handles Hook for Single Arm T-Bar Rows & Pull Ups if used in pairs ). JAWBONE is sold individually or in pairs with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

NOTE: *T-Bar Ring & Hook options available.