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Hog Legs Live ActionFREE SHIPPING!! Landmine Exercises or T-Bar Rows are a popular way to build Size and Strength. Unfortunately Handles to Barbell attachment options have been limited. Exactly why the HOG LEGS T-Barbell Row Ring makes so much sense. Now it’s easy to attach Seated Row Cable Machine Handles and Straps of all shapes and sizes to barbells. Simply slip the T-Barbell Ring over Barbell Handle End. Next attach your favorite Cable machine Handle to T-Bar Ring with included Snap Hook. Add Weight Plates to Barbell shaft directly against T-Barbell Ring and it’s workout time. Each unit comes complete with Heavy Duty Adjustment Chain and Snap Hook. T-Bar Ring is available in 1″ Standard or Olympic Barbell sizes. Attaches to HOG LEGS ‘MULTI-ROW’, ‘RAZORBACK WIDE’, or ‘HOG BALL’ handles. HOG LEGS T-Barbell Row Ring may also be used with common Cable Machine Handles and Straps. Get more of what you train for with a Commercial Grade, USA Made Hog Legs T-Bar Ring. Complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. **Handle NOT included