PULL FORCE ‘Combo’ Seated Row / T-Bar Row Handles

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Home Gyms rejoice!! The NEW  PULL FORCE ‘Combo’ Seated Row / T-Bar Row Handles absolutely rule for performance and versatility! For starters PULL FORCE’S Patented ‘Center Pull’ handles deliver 20% extra Grip Power for more plates! And the ‘Freestyle’ Cable System unleashes muscles for maximal force projection. But best of all you can experience PULL FORCES game changing performance with Cable Resistance Machines and Free Weights! That’s right, just snap link to that Functional Trainer cable Pulley and start rowing! Or slip the unit on a Barbell, add weight plates and T-bar Row your way to serious size and strength! You can even use the handles for *Pull Ups! (*with optional HOG LEGS *Pull Up Hook). However you decide to use em one things for certain, there is NOTHING LIKE PULL FORCE’s ‘Combo’ Seated Row / T-Bar Row Handles. Experience the true meaning of ‘Nothing Less than Excess’ in your next workout with PULL FORCE. Available in Standard & Fat Grip Sizes, PULL FORCE ‘Combo’ Seated Row / T-Bar Row Handles are USA Made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement warranty. US Patent# 8,764,614 B2 TM   FREE SHIPPING!!!






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