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pullforce PULL UP HANDLES by PULL FORCE outperform common chin up bars in every way. It begins with a Stronger Hold compliments of Radical ‘Split Finger’ Handles. It follows with Ultra Thin Cable ‘Freestyle Motion’. Add to that Patented ‘Never Drop’ Hooks for attachment to bars up to 1 3/4″ diameter. And it becomes obvious traditional chin ups just don’t cut it anymore! Revolutionize lame back workouts and unleash muscles with PULL FORCE PULL UPS. Experience Optimal Force Production and leave shoulder trauma behind. Unrestricted movement guaranteed with PULL FORCE. Select from 10.5″ overall Long or 8.5″ overall Short Handles Units as measured from grips center to center of hooks. The Long version may be disassembled at Quick link and handles attached to cable machines with Snap Hook to add additional exercise variety.

Made in USA. Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

US Patents #8,764,614B2 / 7,008,355 B2 TM  ** Actual product may vary slightly from images.