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FREE SHIPPING!! We created the PullUp Workout Extreme Pack for Lifters who just can’t get enough of an Extreme Thing! That’s right, this outrageous combo. delivers a Huge 15% savings! Plus three of the best body weight training Grip Configurations ever devised! Wake up those boring back workout routines and Hook up to any chin up bar up to 1-3/4″ round. Then grab the *PULL FORCE ‘Freestyle Motion’ Patented Center Pull handles, and pull with Total Exercise Freedom and a grip that won’t quit! Or attach the *RINGS OF FIRE for Narrow Grip palms facing, Wide Grip palms away, or rotating Pull Ups. But take our advice and don’t save the *HOG LEGS Raging Boar Balls for last! As these Pull Ups Ball beauties present a serious Grip n Chin Challenge. All handles come in sets complete with Hook Gripper Tubes. USA Made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. US Patent# 7,008,355 B2   *INCLUDES 1 SET EACH PULL UP BALLS/HANDLES/RINGS

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