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 FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Rope Pull Downs rock when hands can be equalized anytime throughout exercise range of motion. New TRICEPS ROPES ‘Semi Live’ makes that a reality. A 180 degree steel radius provides a non binding, non wearing rope hold. As attached to a ‘Live Action’ Swivel attachment ring. No this definitely is not a typical low budget Triceps Rope! But hey you get what you pay for. Which is why our New TRICEPS ROPES ‘Semi-Live’ is also Longer for more flexibility. Stronger for less wear. Softer for superior grip. And Better with Multi Strand Rope and Premium Rubber Hand Stops. The end result is a cable machine Tricep Tool that’s far superior to common ropes in every way. And it’s completely backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Try that with the status-quo. Enough said we rest our case. SEE 850# PULL TEST BELOW!!!

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