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 FREE SHIPPING!!! The New TRI BELLS 4″ Double Live Triceps Cables were created for Superior ‘Synergistic’ Sport Conditioning. This revolutionary Pulley System forces Triceps, Forearms, Wrists and Hands to maintain equal cable length during exercise. Against resistance and with control. To deliver a blistering Sport Training effect common triceps ropes can’t match. TRI BELLS 4″ Double Live Gripping Domes are designed to be grasped palms down like a ball. With cables placed between thumbs and index fingers. A Patented ‘Sport Grip’ that used in combination with Ultra-Thin Flexible Cables, provides the ultimate Sport Performance Arm Training Tool. TRI BELLS 4″ Double Live can be used to enhance Athletic Strike, Throw, and Grasp capacity. As well injury prevention of lower arms. Use TRI BELLS for all common triceps rope style exercises. Like Cable Press Downs, Overhead, kneeling, and Lying Triceps Extensions and Press Downs. Get the edge on game with TRI BELLS 4″ Double Live. Commercial grade USA Made with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent# 8,491,448,B2 TM

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