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FREE SHIPPING!!!!! New Tricep Push Down Rope gone wild! Double ‘Live’ combines a Free Wheeling Pulley System with a Hi-Performance TRICEP ROPE. To create a new ‘Extension Dimension’ to triceps training! Let lame ropes lie and make Triceps comply with the DOUBLE ‘LIVE’. Ever changing rope length against resistance forces muscles into overtime. To deliver extraordinary training effect! New TRICEPS ROPES DOUBLE ‘Live’ is also Longer than common tricep ropes for increased flexibility. Stronger for less wear. Softer for superior grip. And Better overall with Multi Strand Rope and Premium Rubber Hand Stops. The end result is a Revolutionary Triceps Rope Grand Daddy only dreamed of! Pure Hi-Performance here today and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. It just doesn’t get any better… SEE 850# PULL TEST BELOW!!!

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