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Hey there home gym lifters! Check out our brand NEW TRICEP ROPE EXTREME ‘Convertible’. Talk about training options! This bad boy serves up Triceps Extension Workouts 3 separate ways to keep things interesting. As a unit the TRICEP ROPE EXTREME ‘Convertible’ targets Triceps way better than ordinary double tricep ropes. By providing a wide grip essential to keeping hands separated throughout the exercise range of motion. But when it’s time to go solo on that lagging arm, just unsnap the rope and perform one arm cable extensions. Then finish the triceps workout by joining two single ropes on a snap hook. Blasting them like a normal double tricep rope would! Regardless of exercise selected, the commercial grade TRICEP ROPE EXTREME ‘Convertible’ won’t let you down. As this beast is made to perform as advertised and comes complete with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. NOTE: We strongly recommend the ‘Shackle’ rope attachment option for ‘commercial gym settings’ to avoid loss of components.