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TribellsFREE SHIPPING!!!  Tricep Rope Pull Downs, Press Downs, and Extension Cable Exercises are extremely popular for good reason. Easy set up, Safe, Convenient, and Effective. Contrast that with Dumbbell Triceps Extension exercises which definitely grow triceps. But are awkward to load & handle. Now imagine Dumbbell Tricep Extensions without the Dumbbell. That would be the TRI BELLS 6″ SINGLE. The long overdue Triceps Extension Cable Machine alternate that’s superior to dumbbells in every way! For the fact is leverage dependent Dumbbells just can’t compete. With the Steady Tension generated by Cable Resistance Machines. That would be Relentless Muscular Overload. Produced by a two hand on one TRI BELLS 6″ SINGLE. Let the dumbbells lie and go Tricep Extension Extreme in your next workout. Get More Gain with less pain the TRI BELLS way. Commercial grade complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.  US Patent #8,491,448 B2  TM

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