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TribellsFREE SHIPPING!!! Tricep Workouts with ropes just won’t cut it anymore. That’s because Patented TRI Bells bring it like triceps ropes never could. With Hi-Tech Gripping Domes you grip like a ball. To throw down against weight stacks with Hell Fire Intensity! Build Bodybuilder Sized Triceps with Explosive Forearm Power with TRIBELLS. Superior to thick, inflexible triceps ropes. Only TRI BELLS inspire true ‘Freestyle’ exercise movement. By way of an Ultra Thin Cable Suspension. That unleashes muscles for optimal conditioning results. Snap on, set weight, and extend the bend with TRI BELLS to get more of what you train for. Stronger, Longer lasting Triceps, Forearms, and Hands. TRI BELLS 4″ Doubles are 500# Pull Rated. Complete with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. US Patent #8,491,448 B2  TM