‘Gen 2’ E-Z DIP SQUAT & CHIN UP BELT wit Dumbbell Hook & Plate Load Pin

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FREE SHIPPING!!!!! Squats, Triceps Dips & Pull Ups go faster with a Dipping Belt made for Dumbbells! That’s why second generation EZ DIP is the absolute best Weighted Dip Belt. Perfect for Cross Fit, Athletes, Weightlifters and Bodybuilder’s on the grow. Only EZ DIP straps on in seconds. With Airplane Seat Buckle Speed & Security. Combined with Plush Dip Belt Comfort assured by Integrated Hip Cushions. Plus a Slim, Non Slipping waist wrap. Drop n Go Dumbbell Weight Changes are instant. While triple threat Mountain Climbing Snap Hooks make load adjustments & loading options a cinch. For left or right handed Lifters! If you need added versatility, toss in the optional Weight Plate Holder. And make this 505# Load Rated Belt with Chain the obvious choice for any gym. Whether front loaded with Dumbbells or Plates, or rear snap hook loaded for cable machines Lunges & Squats, fact is this Belts got options! So go ahead and give EZ DIP your best shot. We already did. This Dip Belt destroyed the pretenders in every way. Strength, Comfort, Durability, Speed and Versatility! If your into all the above u got to go EZ DIP! Oh and if you break it, we replace it! No questions asked! Try that with the other guys belts, yeah right! EZ DIP Lifetime Replacement Warranty *US Patent # 7,008,355 B2  TM   (*Recommended minimum waist size 30″ though 28″ will function with ‘adequate’ Gluteous Maximus shelving lol!! )