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Tacti Triceps

 FREE SHIPPING!! TACTI-TRICEPS Double cable grips were designed from the palm out to blow away tricep ropes! It begins with Tactical Pistol Grips and Heavy Duty Heal Rests. For Grip Superiority in the face of overwhelming resistance. Then TACTI-TRICEPS goes above and beyond. With Ultra Thin Cables designed for Optimal Freedom of Movement. To deliver Lethal Muscle Targeting action no thick rope can match. TACTI-TRICEPS Double cable grips are perfect for Sport Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and Resistance training. To engage TACTI-TRICEPS simply attach to any cable exercise machine. Then set weight, grip handles, and extend from the bend. Experience the TACTI-TRICEPS tactical advantage. Small enough to fit in a gym bag, TACTI-TRICEPS are ready for deployment anywhere, anytime. Take cable arm workouts to the next level of intense with TACTI-TRICEPS. USA Made with Lifetime Replacement warranty. US Patent #9,526,943 B2  TM