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Tacti Triceps


FREE SHIPPING!! Triceps Press Down for Hi-Caliber growth with a Patented TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide. Featuring Dual Handles spanning a full 12″wide. This TACTI-TRICEPS dual hand model targets and obliterates triceps with Laser Precision. So they can rebuild and come back stronger than ever! To use simply Lock and Load unit to a Cable Machine Weight Stack. Then fill those hands with the Pistol Grips. With arms bent, fire triceps and extend on explosion to arms straight. And remain on target to set completion. Compliments of a ‘Freestyle Motion’ Cable System. Rated to 400 pounds and guaranteed to keep forces mobile! Win the next battle in the war for more and gain the respect  you deserve. With TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide. USA Made Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. US Patent #9,526,943 B2   TM

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