TRICEP ROPE ‘Triple Threat’ Combo Pack

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 FREE SHIPPING!!! Triceps Ropes Extensions & Press Downs are a joke. At least when compared to Hi-Tech TRIBELLS & TACTI-TRICEPS cable machine attachments! Which is not to say Tricep Ropes can’t take a cue from those innovative Training Tools! In fact the TRICEPS ROPES ‘Triple Threat’ Combo Pack does just that! So if you’re going to invest in a rope, or three of them, doesn’t it make sense to get what you pay for and then some? Which is exactly what happens with a 36″ Double TRICEP ROPE EXTREME. Built longer than common gym ropes for superior exercise flexibility. And It’s Stronger than normal ropes as well. In fact our ropes are Pull Tested to an astounding 850 Pounds! So they will never fail when the going go’s heavy! Nor will these ropes get slippery or hard to hold thanks to Softer rope for Superior Comfort and Grip. Completed with Super Sized Rubber Hand Stops with Chrome Caps for total control. Triple Threat Rope number two has all the attributes of our standard rope. But the TRICEP ROPE EXTREME ‘Semi-Live’ also features a Steel Sleeve Hub and Live action Swivel. That forces muscles to work harder to maintain equal rope lengths during the exercise. Triple Threat Rope number three, TRICEP ROPE EXTREME ‘Live’ steps things up yet another notch with a ‘Full Live’ Action pulley to deliver Tricep Extension Intensity that must be experienced to believe! Leave lesser ropes in web world and invest in the TRICEPS ROPES ‘Triple Threat’ Combo Pack. Trust us those lame Tricep cable machine workouts will never be the same! The TRICEPS ROPES ‘Triple Threat’ Combo Pack is fully backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Includes (x1) Tricep Rope Extreme, (x1) Tricep Rope Extreme Semi-Live (x1) Tricep Rope Extreme ‘Live’

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