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Triceps Extension Judgement Day begins. TRICEPS TRIBULATION Ultimate Cable Machine Attachment Set afflicts arms with Biblical proportion. Slay puny arms with this deadly combination of training grips and angles. The agony begins as you strike deep into Triceps Muscles with TACTI-TRICEPS DOUBLE WIDE Cable Overhead Extensions. The misery continues with TRIBELLS DOUBLE Extreme cable Press Downs. Finish the suffering lying on your back with a dual hand stranglehold on a 6″ TRIBELLS SINGLE overhead extension. Then arise from the ashes with Sampson Sized Triceps and never again be judged for the sin of small and weak. TACT-TRICEPS & TRIBELLS are commercial grade complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. **SET INCLUDES one each TACTI-TRICEPS DOUBLE WIDE, TRIBELLS DOUBLE, and TRIBELLS SINGLE 6″ Triceps Cable machine Handles. US Patents # 8,491,448,B2 / 9,526,943 TM

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