DELT-BELT Upright Row Multi Exercise Handles

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Delt BeltUpright Row with DELT-BELT to end Free Weight joint stress and annoying Dumbbell/Barbell body contact. Get the gain without pain plus dozens more workout options. Choose from Body Weight, Free Weight, or Cable Machine Exercises. Attach DELT-BELT’s 450# rated D-Ring for Seated & Cable Upright Row, Cable Ab Crunches, Cable Bicep Curls, Forearm Cable Curls, Triceps Extensions, and Reverse Cable Machine Press Downs. Or anything else you dream up! To experience the Perfect Dumbbell Upright Row, just drop a dumbbell in the Patented Hook. Then pull elbows skyward! Another popular exercise option are ‘Live Action’ Chin Ups. Just attach the ‘Never Drop’ Dumbbell Hook to a chinning station and have at it! The fact is regardless of how DELT-BELT is used, it is sure to become your cure for boring workouts. DELT BELT makes the perfect training partner for Cross Fit, Bodybuilding, and Strength Training. DELT-BELT Multi Exercise Handles are proudly Made in USA, with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

US Patent # 7,008,355 B2 TM

Dumbbell is NOT included.