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Haulin HooksWeight Lifting Hooks that deliver on the promise as equipped with Patented ‘Never Drop’ 4″ Wide Hooks. HAULIN HOOKS HANGING ONLYS were designed for enhanced finger/bar contact. As opposed to all other HAULIN HOOKS models which feature the more compact 2-1/2″ wide hooks. HANGING ONLYS also come loaded with Premium 6MM Thick Neoprene Wrist Protection vs. 5MM for Standard ONLYS. HANGING ONLYS are an excellent choice for Heavy Weight Lifters who prefer Wider, Stronger 5/16″ Hooks with additional Wrist Padding. HANGING ONLYS are also the preferred choice for shoulder therapy use as recommended in the book:
   Shoulder Pain? The Solution and Prevention by John M. Kirsch, MD
As recorded in books chapter authored by Roleigh Martin, M.A.;
  Roleigh Martin’s Tips for Hanging Equipment & Hanging Technique: Bar Hanging for Shoulder Health – A Consumer Guide to Therapeutic Bar Hanging  by Roleigh Martin, M.A.  For additional information, please contact us at [email protected] or phone 570-322-2255

                                                                                          US Patent #:  #7,008,355 – Sold in Pairs