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Haulin HooksWeight Lifting Hooks come in all shapes and sizes. But nothing comes close to one and ONLYS by HAULIN HOOKS. Created by Lifters for Lifters to keep holding on, long after grip is gone. ONLYS deliver More Reps. and Bigger Lifts from the very first workout and beyond. Forged in the fires of competition to bring it with Patented ‘Never Drop’ 1/4″ Hooks, ‘Custom Fit’ Hook Sleeves, and Plush 5MM Neoprene Wrist Protection. ONLYS by HAULIN HOOKS feature a Pull Tested and Verified 650# Load Rating . Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Something you won’t get with ANY other brand of Weight Lifting Hooks…Period. Attack weights in confidence and earn the gym cred you deserve with HAULIN HOOKS ONLYS. Built for Lifters who expect no less than excess from workouts and gear. US PATENT #7,008,355B2/TM