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Haulin HooksFREE SHIPPING!! Face it respect is why we buy Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps. Big lifts bring it, grip slip won’t.Terminate grip loss and target muscles like a Lift Big ORIGINAL with HAULIN HOOKS. Like no other Weightlifting Hooks or Straps ever. ORIGINALS feature both attachment options. So Lifters can choose in seconds between Strap & Wrap or Instant Hook Up’s to suit any exercise or training situation. Add to that Patented ‘Never Drop’ Hooks, ‘Custom Fit’ Hook Sleeves, Plush 5mm Neoprene Wrist Protection, plus a robust 650# pull rating. And Lifting Big just happens. Expect no less than excess with genuine HAULIN HOOKS ORIGINALS. US Patent# 7,008,355 B2 **SOLD IN PAIRS

Hook and Strap