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Haulin HooksFREE SHIPPING!!! Wrist Straps and Hooks rule in ‘over the top’ PROFESSIONALS. Choose on the fly between Instant Bodybuilder Hook Ups or Strap N Wrap to suit any exercise or workout. Terminate Big Lift grip loss and target muscles like a Pro. With  5/16″ ‘Never Drop’ Hooks and Custom Fit Hook Sleeves. Plus a two inch wide by twelve inch long Strap N Wrap with Custom Color Wear Strip. Add to that Super Plush 6MM Wrist Neoprene and Military Grade Nylon Webbing. Finish with an astronomical 1250# Certified Load Rating backed with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Enough said we’ve done our part the Lifts are up to you! TM *US Patent # 7,008,355 B2   **GRIPPER TUBES OPTIONAL