TRIBELLS 6" Alternate to Dumbbell - Cable Tricep Workout

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  • Alternate to Dumbbell Scull Crusher & Dumbbell Extensions!

  • No more struggling to load heavy awkward dumbbells!

  • Train with super consistent Cable Machine Tension!

  • 6" Dual Hand Gripping Dome blitzes Triceps Lateral Heads!

  • Patented 500# strong 'Live Wire' Cable Suspension unleashes Triceps!!

  • For use on all common Dumbbell & Triceps Rope extension exercises!

  • Hygienic Design wipes clean in seconds.

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

  • US Patent #8,491,448 B2

Tricep Pull Downs, Tricep Pressdowns, and Tricep Extension Cable Machine Exercises are extremely effective. Easy to set up, Safe, Convenient, and Super Effective. Due in large part to a Cable Machines extremely consistent application of resistance! Contrast that with Dumbbell Triceps Extension, Dumbbell Kick Backs, and Dumbbell Scull Crusher exercises. Which can be extremely awkward and dangerous to load & handle. Not to mention the gravity / leverage application of resistance sucks. As one could hardly describe it as steady throughout the effective Range of Motion. Now, imagine dumbbell triceps extensions without the dumbbell. That would be the TRI BELLS 6" SINGLE. The long overdue triceps extension cable machine alternative that's superior to dumbbells. Though gripped similarly. The dual hand TRI BELLS 6" SINGLE delivers 'Live Wire' dynamic training effects no dumbbell can touch! Optional 6" Double slams both arms in half the time and twice the intensity!  GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! USA Made, Commercial Grade, complete with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.