TACTI – TRICEPS 'Double Wide' Tricep Workouts Super Set

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  • Dual Tactical AR Rubberized Grips with 'Full Weight Stack' Hand Heel Stops!

  • 600# Mobile Assault Cable Suspension & protective covers!

  • 14.5" wide main Beam delivers Sniper Precise Triceps Targeting!

  • Extension & Pushdown 'Super Set' capable V Bar Handles option!

  • Use for all Tricep Rope & Cable Machine Style Exercises!

  • Hygienic design disinfects in seconds!

  • USA Made Commercial Grade materials & components!

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

  • US Patent # 9,526,943 B2 TM

Triceps gone Tactical! The TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide targets triceps with the accuracy of a sniper! Single out and destroy Triceps on Standing, Kneeling or Overhead Cable Extensions. Then blow away upper arms on Cable Press Downs with Tricep V Bar Press Down Yoke option. Experience the devastating firepower of TACTI-TRICEPS Double Wide. As delivered by way of a triceps long heads isolating 12" grip width. For best training effect, zero in on tricep extension with a 2 second 'hold' at full contraction. In arms straight position. Follow with a 3 second lowering of weight. Return to arms bent start position and repeat to complete set. If you opted up for the Triceps Press Down Yoke, then drop that weight stack pin and blitz Triceps Lateral Heads into oblivion immediately after tricep extension set is completed. Isn't it time you got deadly serious with Triceps training? Out gun traditional triceps ropes and win that war for more with genuine TACTI-TRICEPS USA made, Commercial Grade. US Patent#9,526,943B2