HOG LEGS 48" Lat Pulldown Straight Bar gone FAT

HOG LEGS 48" Lat Pulldown Straight Bar gone FAT

Want 'get noticed' Latts? Then make a date with a 48 Straight for Seated Cable Pull Downs! This genuine HOG LEGS Lat Pulldown Straight Bar gone Fat, urges lifters to add More Weight Stack Plates. As an unconscious reaction to having the fists filled with FAT 1-3/4" round steel. Which in turn signals the body to recruit more muscle. So, it does not fail to move the 'hands full' threat that it faces. Add to the urge to use more weight an industry leading 'Live Action' Swivel. That unleashes muscles to generate Maximum Force. To experience for yourself the LPGmuscle mantra of 'No Less than Excess'.

 HOG LEGS Lat Pulldown Straight Bar durable construction is USA Made, PRO Grade, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. A baked Powder Coat Paint ensures a comfortable and secure grip, even during intense workouts and Full Stack Attacks! Say goodbye to silly motion limiting steel lat bars and hello to serious upper back growth with HOG LEGS. Lift More, Pull More, Grow More! Nuff said....

Elevating Fitness Excellence: LPGmuscle's Unwavering Commitment

In the vast digital landscape, promises often fall by the wayside, but LPGmuscle is a shining example of unwavering commitment. From day one, our foundation has been built on more than just words; it's built on our resolute actions. We are dedicated to providing authentic and groundbreaking fitness solutions.

For the passionate athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the 'Resistance Fighters' who never settle for average and consistently push their boundaries, we stand ready. These individuals demand excellence, not only from themselves but also from the tools they trust. They insist on 'No Less Than Excess'. Recognizing their relentless spirit, we guarantee our workout equipment is top-notch. Each piece is crafted with the same tenacity witnessed in the fiercest competitions, assuring you that you're using battle-tested gear.

Our products don't just emerge from a corporate meeting room. They originate from the same innate desire for excellence that propels you to explore advanced training methods. Every creation is conceived, designed, and refined by those who live and breathe the world of lifting. In simple terms, our tools are forged by lifters, designed for fellow lifters.

When you decide to invest in LPGmuscle, you're not just acquiring equipment; you're becoming part of a legacy rooted in trust, determination, and unmatched quality. Shop with confidence, knowing that LPGmuscle is right there with you through every rep. We've got your back.

Our History

Founded on a commitment to deliver Innovation, Performance, and Quality, we resonate with the warriors of resistance — those with an unyielding ambition to Lift More, Pull More, and Grow More. Here, there's no room for the 'status quo' in weightlifting equipment and accessories. Excellence is our standard, and we guarantee nothing less to our dedicated community.

Our journey commenced on a frosty December morning in 1975. It was then, a young enthusiast lifted his very first weight set from the trunk of a Monte Carlo, a simple Christmas morning event. Little did we know, this spark would evolve into a lifelong passion for weightlifting — a 35-year transformative journey of iron dedication that not only filled rooms with trophies but instilled confidence and birthed countless innovative ideas.

These ideas weren’t just fleeting thoughts but visions of superior techniques to maximize gains from each grueling session. LPG Muscle encapsulates these insights, offering products sculpted from the heart of competitive spirit. Every piece of equipment we craft is an embodiment of the same transformative process that shapes champions. Revolutionary, resilient, and reliable — our strength training equipment stands the test of time.

So, to every fellow weightlifter out there, we invite you to join our ranks with confidence. Experience performance that aligns with your relentless pursuit of greatness. Dive deep into your journey, and as always, rock on!

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