TRIBELLS 6" Way Better Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension by LPGmuscle

TRIBELLS 6" Way Better Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension!

Let's face it. Tricep Workouts with dumbbells suck. So why risk triceps skull crusher drama  wrestling heavy, awkward D-Bells in and out of position? Only to be dissatisfied with lame and inconsistant gravity fed resistance. When you can Blitz Cable Tricep workouts with relentless tension. Courtesy of a cable crossover or functional trainer cable weight stack. Dont be a dumbell, leave the dummbells on the rack and lay hands on a Patented TRIBELLS Super Single 6". The way more effective Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions type exercise! That begins with a simple cable machine attachment onto a high or low pulley. And follows with weight plate selection and palms down on TRIBELLS No-Slip, Textured 6" Gripping Dome. To end in an explosion of force against the weight stack! With total focus on the cable tricep workouts. Amped further via a 'Live Wire' suspension cable that unleashes movement for Maximum Force Generation and results!

To leave you standing after having ravished every shred of Triceps Muscle. With no need to wonder how you will wrestle the dumbbell safely away from the body without incident. Because with TRIBELLS, all that's required is to simply remove hands and walk away. To recover and grow in full confidence you made the most of every blistering repetition! 

TRIBELLS for Triceps are legit triceps exercise equipment perfectly suited for both beginners and advanced weightlifters. As they provide a conveinient, safe, and ultra efficient way to challenge and progress your tricep training time investment. Whether you're looking to build muscular endurance, strength, or size. Take your cable tricep workouts to the next level with TRIBELLS. To form the triceps you've always dreamed of. Completely free of lying dumbbell Tricep Extension and Scull Crusher drama!

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