TRIBELLS 4" Single Hi-Tech Tricep Rope Attachment

Tricep Rope Attachment

Tricep Rope Attachment: Your Tricep's Best Friend

TRIBELLS are Legit Dumbbell Extension & Tricep Rope attachment alternatives. To be palmed like a ball, and thrown down against Cable Weight Stacks! With a Patented muscle activating, non-slip Textured Dome Grip. Plus, a 'Live Wire' cable suspension that free's joints and muscle to articulate naturally. To maximize overall Triceps Force Production and Growth! Best of all, TRIBELLS constant cable machine resistance keeps triceps muscles under tension. Throughout the tricep exercises range of motion. Completely unlike dumbbells which rely upon inefficient leverage/gravity based resistance during exercises like dumbbell kick backs and dumbbell extensions. 

Enhance your cable tricep workouts with TRIBELLS! A carefully crafted triceps cable attachment designed to deliver constant gym cable machine tension. As well to provide a safe, comfortable grip and silky smooth movement. Making your tricep exercises more effective than ever. Since a strong set of arms can bring well deserved respect, TRIBELLS won't let you down. Rep for Rep they deliver superior results no dumbbell can touch! Whether you're performing single or double rope tricep pushdown or cable tricep extensions or other, TRIBELLS ensure that your triceps are optimally engaged on every hard fought rep! To deliver the maximum tricep development you deserve for your hard fought investment.


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Our journey commenced on a frosty December morning in 1975. It was then, a young enthusiast lifted his very first weight set from the trunk of a Monte Carlo, a simple Christmas morning event. Little did we know, this spark would evolve into a lifelong passion for weightlifting — a 35-year transformative journey of iron dedication that not only filled rooms with trophies but instilled confidence and birthed countless innovative ideas.

These ideas weren’t just fleeting thoughts but visions of superior techniques to maximize gains from each grueling session. LPG Muscle encapsulates these insights, offering products sculpted from the heart of competitive spirit. Every piece of equipment we craft is an embodiment of the same transformative process that shapes champions. Revolutionary, resilient, and reliable — our strength training equipment stands the test of time.

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