HOG LEGS Piglet Plus Cable Tricep Workouts Bar with Balls!

HOG LEGS 'Piglet Plus' Cable Tricep Workouts Bar has Balls!

This Cable Tricep Workouts Bar has a real set of Balls! For otherworldly Training Angles. Plus, a palm stuffing 1-3/4" FAT Grip Shaft. That activates More Muscle and Arm Swell than skinny bars. Because the body warns that a fist filled with FAT, equates to more weight plates that need pressed! The end result is that more Plates are indeed shoved to set completion. With help from an industry leading 'Live Action' Swivel. That releases muscles to mobilize for the Tricep Push Down. To win you a new personal record. With the Triceps to prove it as assured via a Custom Triceps Targeting Bar Angle! 

HOG LEGS Piglet Plus cable tricep workouts bar is engineered to deliver on the promise. Of optimally engaging as much triceps muscle as possible. During every hard-fought repetition and set. Achieve superior triceps engagement and impressive results with a Piglet Plus Triceps Bar by HOG LEGS. Transform those triceps and kiss noodle arms goodbye with this anything but ordinary tricep workouts bar! HOG LEGS are USA Made, PRO Grade, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty!

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