HOG LEGS 'PRO' Dual Cable Machine Bar Functional Trainer Bar

HOG LEGS 'PRO' Dual Cable Machine Bar Functional Trainer Bar

HOG LEGS 'PRO' Dual Cable Machine Bar for Cable Chest Workouts, Shoulder Cable Workouts, Cable Back Workouts, Cable Bar Squats, Bicep Cable Curls, Cable Triceps Workouts, Cable Tricep Push Downs, and more! A Functional Trainer bar with 'PRO' Live 360 Degree Swivels that destabilize movement. For an optimal training effect amped further by a Weight Plate eating Fat Grip!

Take your Dual Pulley Cable Workouts into the destabilization realm of serious results. With a HOG LEGS 'PRO' Dual Cable Machine Bar Functional Trainer Bar. These dynamic gym cable attachments offer an efficient way to target your total body. With dozens of essential barbell exercises. Resulting in a stronger, better conditioned physique. Designed for weightlifters and athletes of all levels, Dual Cable Pro bars ensure optimal muscle happens! USA Made, PRO Grade, with Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Committed to Fitness Innovation, Unwavering in Excellence

In the vast digital landscape, where promises often prove empty, LPGmuscle stands as a testament to unwavering commitment. From our very inception, we've forged our reputation not through mere words, but through resolute actions. Our passion is dedicated to offering authentic and groundbreaking fitness solutions.

For the dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts, known as 'Resistance Fighters,' who never settle for mediocrity and continually push their limits, we are your unwavering partners. These individuals demand nothing but the best, not just from themselves but also from the equipment they use, always striving for 'No Less Than Excess'. Recognizing their unwavering spirit, we ensure that our workout equipment is of the highest quality. Every piece is meticulously crafted with the same determination seen in the most competitive arenas, guaranteeing that you're using battle-tested gear.

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When you choose to shop with LPGmuscle, you're not just making a purchase; you're joining a legacy built on trust, dedication, and unparalleled quality. Shop with the confidence that LPGmuscle is by your side through every set and repetition. We've got your back.

Our History

Founded on a commitment to deliver Innovation, Performance, and Quality, we resonate with the warriors of resistance — those with an unyielding ambition to Lift More, Pull More, and Grow More. Here, there's no room for the 'status quo' in weightlifting equipment and accessories. Excellence is our standard, and we guarantee nothing less to our dedicated community.

Our journey commenced on a frosty December morning in 1975. It was then, a young enthusiast lifted his very first weight set from the trunk of a Monte Carlo, a simple Christmas morning event. Little did we know, this spark would evolve into a lifelong passion for weightlifting — a 35-year transformative journey of iron dedication that not only filled rooms with trophies but instilled confidence and birthed countless innovative ideas.

These ideas weren’t just fleeting thoughts but visions of superior techniques to maximize gains from each grueling session. LPG Muscle encapsulates these insights, offering products sculpted from the heart of competitive spirit. Every piece of equipment we craft is an embodiment of the same transformative process that shapes champions. Revolutionary, resilient, and reliable — our strength training equipment stands the test of time.

So, to every fellow weightlifter out there, we invite you to join our ranks with confidence. Experience performance that aligns with your relentless pursuit of greatness. Dive deep into your journey, and as always, rock on!

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